Cotton Filters verses Paper or PowerCore air filters

April 07, 2020

We highly recommend Donaldson PowerCore air filters when the factory air filter box cannot be used. These filters provide the best protection against fine particulates. These filters not only protect the Venom2XS from damage, but your engine, as well. Typical cotton filter can damage and shorten your engines useful life by as much as 60%!

I have seen hundreds of intakes since I started this company and even tested many types of cotton filters on my own vehicles. I can attest to the fact of how well they clean in even the harshest of fine particulates.  The suggested useful life of these filters is 100k miles! They are 99.99% effective, as opposed to the K and N tested efficiency of 97%!

This is an excerpt from their web site:

"K&N® tests filtration efficiency and capacity using the ISO 5011 laboratory test procedure, and most K&N® air filters test between 97%-99% efficiency. ... (The ability of an air filter to protect an engine is generally measured in accordance with laboratory testing procedure ISO 5011.)"

I totally agree with Volant's advertised statement on their web page: 

"It's simple, Volant intakes with Donaldson® PowerCore® filtration is the best off-road air intake solution on the planet. Not all air filters are created equal. Filters are purpose built for the environment in which they are used. Volant intakes with Donaldson® PowerCore® air filters are built specifically for harsh environments to provide maximum filtration, enhanced performance and elevated levels of engine protection. Designed with Ultra-Web® nanofibers, Donaldson® PowerCore® air filters filter out microscopic debris other air filters can't. Better yet they offer a true no-maintenance filtration option. Simply install your Volant intake with Donaldson® PowerCore® air filter and forget it."

This is a picture of a 2004 Jeep TJ 2.5 liter. I deleted the factory box in order to install the Venom3XS Mini. It is shown below with the outer wear.

2004 Jeep TJ

Below is a Chart from using the ISO 5011 test.

"Accumulative Gain:
“Accumulative Gain” is the total amount of dirt that passed through the filter during the test."

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