Stainless Steel 3.75" Worm Gear Clamp (78-101mm)


These Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamps are perfect for replacement of all factory worm gear clamps. Especially suited to coolant lines or some intake/exhaust coupling, they can also be used for a wide variety of other projects.

Unlike some other clamps available, these are not marked with any company logo. The only marking is a small, convenient number telling you the clamping ability (in MM). Worm gear clamps have a very wide range of clamping ability compared to T-bolt and V-band clamps, giving you greater installation flexibility.

These clamps are only 0.5" wide, so they can be used in tight locations.
Unlike most auto parts store worm gear clamps, these are Stainless Steel, which means you can tighten them down significantly tighter AND they won't rust.
Screw is easy to tighten with either a socket or a flat head screwdriver.
Clean, shiny, and professional looking.

Actual clamping ability is 3.07" to 3.98".