Toyota Tacoma


Toyota Tacoma is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

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Are you looking for affordable horsepower and better fuel mileage for your Truck, SUV, Car or Boat?

Look no further. Our Venom2XS can do both and reduce tail pipe emissions!

This Venom2XS Base-kit is a Computer Controlled Powered Air Intake that packs some serious top end performance! It packs some serious performance. Increases of up to 5+ MPGs have been reported and horse power gains around 30hp. Install typically takes 2 hours. As always, feel free to call our tech line at 801-835-9087 8am to 6pm MST. 

 Product Features

Safety Screen/Diffusers,  intake and exhaust

40,000 RPM Brushless computer controlled motors

High Temp glass filled Turbine Fan Housing

USB Plug and play installation

LED red indicator lights

Compact design

Control Pack Thermal Protection

Steel hose clamps

Will not disable your vehicle if product fails