Questions and answers about the Venom2XS

Questions and answers about the Venom2XS

April 19, 2020

The VenomAire, Hybrid Turbine Air Intake System, VENOM2XS, is an aftermarket Computer controlled Turbine Forced Air Intake, which provides controlled forced air into the engine, improving fuel economy, reduce emissions, and increased engine performance. If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade of power, performance and reduction of tail pipe pollution, then the VENOM2XS is for you.


Traditional Forced Air Intakes come in basically two different types—Turbochargers and Superchargers. Many different shapes, styles and varieties have been developed over the years, yet little has changed in their function.

Both Turbo and Superchargers are considered High Pressure Low Volume systems—they work by compressing air into the cylinders, either via a mechanical device (supercharger) or high speed turbine running off exhaust gas (turbo charging.)

These designs have a myriad of design problems and are expensive to install and maintain. They often void the manufactures warranty.

VenomAire has introduced a third type of Forced Air Intake—the Hybrid Forced Air Intake—known as the VenomAire Turbine Air Intake system or VENOM2XS. The VENOM2XS is a High Velocity, Low Pressure system that mimics a turbo or supercharger by compressing massive amounts of airflow and thrust into the engine.

A) Improved performance and drive-ability
B) Improved fuel mileage
C) Reduced emissions
D) Pays for itself while reducing environmental impact

The VENOM2XS is a computer controlled Multiple Stage, Multiple Spool, Axial Compressor.  The VENOM2XS monitors and adjusts the mass air intake of combustion engines and interacts with the engine's throttle for a smooth blend of impeccable performance, fuel economy and thus reducing pollution. The VENOM2XS uses Active Intake Rotary Ram Air Turbine, technology which works with stock vehicles computer settings and does not require any expensive upgrades to your vehicle.

Our systems do not require any expensive fuel mapping or expensive installation and work with your stock OEMs engine and hardware.

VENOM2SX systems are NOT superchargers or turbochargers. They are NOT, what some call “electric superchargers.” The VENOM2SX is a Multiple Stage, Multiple Spool Axial Forced Air Intake. Although Similar to turbo charging or supercharging, the VENOM2SX is more efficient, less costly and less invasive to your automobiles engine.

When compared to traditional forced air intake systems we do NOT produce exhaust back pressure, turbo lag, heat or mechanical drag. The VENOM2SX does NOT require any, complicated intake or exhaust piping, or expensive installation. It does NOT require any additional tuning of your vehicles OEM computer settings.

Installation typically takes and average mechanic around 1- 3 hours.

They are modular, in that you can take it off one vehicle and install on another.

Unlike traditional Forced Air Intake systems, our VENOM2SX are designed to work and be the most efficient in the RPM range where 99.9% of the average driver drives, (1500 to 2500 RPM's.) Drive ability is vastly improved, as well as reduction in emissions. Additionally, if the system fails, you continue to drive your vehicle!  Won't get you stuck in the middle of nowhere like traditional systems!

Our ongoing CASE studies and research has documented an average of:

22% Better MPGs

17% More Horsepower

10% More Torque

18% Less Pollution (CO2 Emissions Reduction/Car 1.5, light truck 2.0 Metric Tons)

Common Questions

  1. How does is a VENOM2XS work?

    A. Forced Air induction, by definition, is the act of forcing or compressing air into an internal combustion engine.

    So what does this mean to you?  Improved "Volumetric Efficiency." By forcing more air into the intake manifold and through the intake valves, into the cylinders, we increase the "Volumetric Efficiency." of each cylinder. Additional oxygen increases the amount of fuel, thereby increasing "Volumetric Efficiency." we can then ignite the potent mixture of air and fuel as is possible and create as much power as is possible per volume of the cylinder. In English please? More air + more fuel, equals a greater explosion, equals more downward force on the piston, equals more power transmitted to the crankshaft which eventually works its way to the wheels through the drive line.

    Turbo Charging or Supercharging potentially have substantial horsepower gains and are best suited in the higher RPM range of 3000 RPM's or greater. Additionally, turbo charging is well documented yielding a gain around 10% in fuel mileage. Superchargers typically reduce fuel mileage, due to mechanical drag. These systems are very costly and require substantial modifications to the engine, exhaust and computer systems and on your vehicle.

    The average motorists drive between 0 and 85 mph, equating to approximately a 500-3000 RPM engine speed and don’t need an additional 100hp. This is where the VENOM2XS leaves the others in the dust and why we are more effective at increasing HP,  improving fuel mileage and reducing emissions.

    Here is a short video explaining "Volumetric Efficiency" and how forced air induction systems work.

 Will it void my warranty?A. Short answer, is NO! Here is a link on the Moss Warranty act of 1975 which allows the installation of aftermarket equipment on vehicles. The manufacture must prove that the aftermarket device caused a problem with the OEM and burden of proof is upon the Manufacture in order to void a warranty.

Q. How much increase in gas mileage will I gain?

A. There are many variables that can determine gas mileage i.e. gas quality, driver habits, heat and humidity, vehicle loading and towing, just to mention a few. Winter blends verses summer blends have a large impact on fuel mileage, as well. The VENOM2XS has demonstrated an average of 20% or better in improvement in fuel economy and 18% reduction in pollution and increase of 10%+ in HP and Torque.

Q. What is a Cold Air Intake and will a VENOM2SX work with it?

A. A cold air intake is a fairly large, cone shaped filter, connected to a plastic or metal tube, which replaces the stock engine air box. Many companies make cool air intakes. You can find an intake in almost any style, shape or color desired. Modern cars have already have adapted the cold air intake into their stock intakes.

Q. What kind of cars will it fit?

A. Virtually any vehicle, car, boat, truck, ATV's, snowmobile, lawnmower, etc.

Q. How will it look or be installed on my vehicle?

A. Installations are typically done with minimal invasion to engine compartment and typically not detectable to the average person. Generally, we replace a short 6 inch section of your intake system.

Q. Do you sell kits?

A. YES! We currently have VENOM2SX kits for several vehicles. We also have universal kits that can be customized for your vehicle. Check out Our Products page for the latest kit.

Q. Do you make VENOM2SX for Turbo or Diesels?

A. YES! Please call for information

Q. Are they noisy?

A. Some may notice some turbine noise or whistle, but most people will not notice them at all. That is, until you step on the gas pedal!

Q. What do they do for performance?

A. These units are comparable to traditional supercharging or turbo charging. People notice improved acceleration and increase in throttle response. The VENOM2SX by Venomaire is tuned for power, performance and fuel mileage.

Q. Can I tow with a VENOM2SX?

A. Most definitely. Tests have shown climbs up steep, long, constant full throttle or "pedal to the metal" show consistent improvement in performance!

Q. Do they run at one speed?

A. No, they are interlocked with the throttle system of the vehicle and respond to the throttle demands of the driver. The more you depress the throttle the faster they spin and the more air they will deliver to your engine. You only get as much air as you need. They do not typically run at idle.

Q. Since they run off the electrical system, will the car battery stay charged or will it drain down?

A. Test have shown approximately 15 amps at cruise and approximately 30 amps draw at wide open throttle. There is typically more than enough amperage for your vehicle to keep the battery and your electrical system charged and in top shape.

Q. What about boats?

A. Yes! Performance is greatly enhanced, especially at higher altitudes. The clean up after boating, and one of the benefits, is no yucky, black carbon deposits to scrub off the stern!

Q. Are they made in America?

A. yes

    Q. Can I or myself install the VENOM2XS?

    A. Yes. If you can install a cold air intake, then you or your favorite mechanic should be able to install a VENOM2XS.

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